There are many stories that uplift us. Some of them are of civil disobedience, but many are not. We need to to take action that sustains us! we need to take action that enriches our society. We're not going backwards, we're not going forwards. we're just going!

here are some of the stories that we have learnt from.


the Jabiluka blockade occured in the late 1990's. Led by Mirrar traditional owners, it was a successful mass mobilisation of people against a proposed Uranium mine. During the blockade, people travelled from every edge of the continent to camp on Mirrar country in a disruptive protest against the proposed mine, as well as targeting banks involved in funding, and Howard government who relentlessly lobbied for the mine. Despite taking the fight to some of the richest and most powerful industries in so-called Australia in what many would consider an unwinnable battle, the Mirrar traditional owners succeeded in blocking the Jabiluka mine from being built. Learn more

Unist'ot'en Resistance Camp

Since 2007, Wet'suwet'en peoples have been asserting their sovereignty and defending their land against the development of any pipelines on their traditional land. State repression has escalated significantly as of 2020, leading to an outpouring of local and international support which has made use of a diversity of tactics to show solidaritiy with Wet'suwet'en. This has included massive disruptions to so-called Canada's rail system, blockading of the offices of politicians and parliament buildings, and the mobilisation of supporters to Wet'suwet'en land. As we can see, the struggles of Wet'suwet'en bear significant similarities to First Nation's struggle on this continent and highlights that the fight for climate justice must be centred on solidarity with indigenous people across the globe. Learn more:

German Coal phase out

a combination of strikes and blockades which targeted mines in Germany have had a significant impact on the coal industry, to the extent that Germany announced a complete coal phase out AND making sure that coal workers are ensured a just transition. Learn more

Stop Adani

The #stopadani capaign has successfully delayed the Adani Carmichael campaign from being able to begin their destructive mine. they have been instrumental in stopping Adani from gaining private funding from a number of companies and continue to disrupt the proposed mine's attempts to begin. Learn more